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Upcoming Courses You May Be Interested In:

06/21/2019Case Finding And Treatment Planning in Chemical Dependency Treatment
06/22/2019Training In Barrier Precaution And Infection Control Measures
06/22/2019Community Education and Prevention
06/22/2019Medical Encoding
06/24/2019School Violence Prevention And Intervention Workshop
06/24/2019AHA Renewal for Life Support Certification Course
06/25/2019Advanced CPT-4 Coding
06/25/2019Educational Technology Specialist Certification Information Session - Onlne
06/25/2019Students with Disabilities Certification Information Session- Online
06/26/2019TESOL Certification Information Session- Online
06/29/2019Home Inspection Module 5: Field Training
06/29/2019Phlebotomy For The MA
07/01/2019Cognitively Engaging Our Learners. Moving Compliance to Engagement to Empowerment and Loving It
07/01/2019Implementing Social and Emotional Learning Through Experiential Teaching
07/01/2019More than Euclidean Geometry
07/01/2019Natural History of Long Island
07/01/2019Passion, Character Education, and Teaching from the Heart
07/01/2019Teaching Sustainability in the Middle School Classroom: TGI 2019
07/01/2019Teaching Sustainability in the High School Classroom: TGI 2019
07/02/2019Introduction to Addictive Behaviors
07/06/2019School Violence Prevention And Intervention Workshop
07/08/2019DASA Workshop: NYS Dignity for All Students
07/08/2019Inspecting and Evaluating Hot Water Heaters (3 CE Hours)
07/08/2019Phlebotomy For The MA
07/08/2019Advanced Practices for the Already Tech Savvy Teacher
07/08/2019Applying the Natural and Physical Sciences of NY into Your Classroom
07/08/2019Creating a Culture of Thinking for 21st Century Learners
07/08/2019Developing Lifelong Readers and Writers Who Wonder and Create, 21st Century Style, Gr 5-12
07/08/2019Growing a STEAM Mindset
07/08/2019High School Geometry
07/08/2019Mindfulness and Self Reflective Practices in the Classroom
07/08/2019Navigating the New York State Next Generation Standards: ELA, Gr 6-12
07/08/2019The Big History Course: Unleashing Student Creativity
07/08/2019An Overview of Developmental Psychology and Psychopathology
07/10/2019Medical Office Procedures & Assisting Skills
07/10/2019Administering Electrocardiograms
07/10/2019ICD-10 CM and ICD-10 PCS Coding
07/10/2019Client/Counselor Interaction
07/10/2019AHA Renewal for Life Support Certification Course
07/11/2019Pharmacology For Medical Records Personnel
07/12/2019Vocational Rehabilitation in Substance Abuse Treatment
07/13/2019Medical Terminology
07/13/2019Anatomy & Physiology
07/13/2019AHA Basic Life Support Certification Course
07/13/2019Peripheral IV Skills Certificate Program
07/14/2019Adolescent Treatment: From Intake to Discharge
07/14/2019Phlebotomy Skills Certificate Program
07/15/2019Training In The Identification & Reporting of Child Abuse & Neglect
07/15/2019AHA Basic Life Support @ Suffolk Center
07/15/2019Best Practices and Strategies for the Secondary Level Educator
07/15/2019Math 8: The Key to Success in Geometry CC
07/15/2019Marine Ecology: Gr K-12
07/15/2019Student Centered Instructional Practices: Are They Getting It?
07/15/2019Teaching 21st Century Students Inquiry Based Lab Skills Using NGSS
07/15/2019Teaching with Books of Choice: A New Kind of Literature Circle: Gr 6-12
07/15/2019Health Information Management Procedures, Documentation And EMR's
07/16/2019Interpretation of Laboratory Results
07/17/2019Child Development Associate Program-CDA
07/17/2019Fomative Assessment, Descriptive Feedback and Summative Judgment, Principles Practicalities and
07/17/2019Two Day Conference on: Formative Assessment and Developing Equitable and Excellent Teachers
07/18/2019Training In Barrier Precaution And Infection Control Measures
07/18/2019Developing Equitable and Excellent Teachers through Culturally Responsive Teacher Evaluation
07/19/2019Health, Wellness, And Communicable Diseases
07/20/2019Counseling Special Populations And Cultural Competence
07/20/2019Medical Assistant Certification Review Course