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Upcoming Courses You May Be Interested In:

11/22/2019Barbara A. McDonnell Education Conference
11/23/2019Administering Electrocardiograms
11/23/2019Nurse Practitioner Practice Review Course
11/25/2019Diversity of Intervention and Treatment Approaches
11/25/2019Employee Selection And Staffing
11/25/2019ICD-10 CM and ICD-10 PCS Coding
11/26/2019Coding Review Course
12/02/2019School Violence Prevention And Intervention Workshop
12/02/2019AHA Basic Life Support Certification Course
12/03/2019Employee Handbook
12/03/2019Administering Electrocardiograms
12/03/2019Medical Office Procedures & Assisting Skills
12/03/2019Care of the Student With Diabetes
12/03/2019ICD-10 CM and ICD-10 PCS Coding
12/03/2019Computerized Medical Office for Billers and Coders
12/04/2019Employee Handbook
12/05/2019Water and Wastewater: Clean and Dirty (3 CE Hours)
12/06/2019LCAT Private Practice Panel: Is Private Practice Right for You?
12/06/2019The Interconnection of Trauma and Its Effects on Child Development
12/07/2019DASA Workshop: NYS Dignity for All Students
12/07/2019Integrated Care
12/07/2019Peripheral IV Skills Certificate Program
12/07/2019GU Skills And Catheterizations
12/07/2019AHA Renewal for Life Support Certification Course
12/08/2019Professional Development
12/09/2019Inspecting and Evaluating Hot Water Heaters (3 CE Hours)
12/09/2019Individual Healthcare Plans in The School Setting
12/09/2019AHA Basic Life Support @ Suffolk Center
12/12/2019Home Inspection Q/A: 10 Second Rule (3 CE Hours)
12/12/2019Leadership And Management
12/12/2019AHA Renewal Life Support Certification Course @ Suffolk Center
12/14/2019Training In Barrier Precaution And Infection Control Measures
12/14/2019Phlebotomy for the MA
12/16/2019Role Of The School Nurse In Health Screening
12/16/2019AHA Renewal for Life Support Certification Course
12/19/2019Knowledge of 12 Step and Mutual Aid Groups
12/19/2019AHA Basic Life Support Certification Course