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Upcoming Courses You May Be Interested In:

08/26/2019DASA Workshop: NYS Dignity for All Students
08/27/2019Introduction to Statistics
08/27/2019Physical Assessment Skills
09/03/2019Operating Room Training Program for RN's Information Session
09/03/2019How To Earn the CFP Designation
09/03/2019Your Career As A Credentialed Alcohol & Substance Abuse Counselor
09/03/2019Your Career in Health Information Management (Medical Records)
09/03/2019Your Career in Home Inspection
09/03/2019Your Career in Human Resource Management
09/03/2019Your Career in Interior Design and Decorating
09/03/2019Your Career as a Medical Assistant
09/03/2019Your Career in Nonprofit Management
09/03/2019Your Career As A Paralegal Professional
09/03/2019Your Career As A Pharmacy Technician
09/03/2019Your Career As A Real Estate Salesperson
09/03/2019Placement Exam for English As A Second Language
09/03/2019RN Refresher Program Information Session
09/04/2019Electronic Discovery
09/04/2019Concepts of Insurance Law
09/04/2019Intermediate Listening/Speaking
09/04/2019Intermediate Reading/Writing
09/04/2019Group 3: Introduction to Analytical Musical Therapy
09/04/2019Nordoff-Robbins Clinical Practicum I
09/04/2019Nordoff-Robbins Clinical Practicum I
09/05/2019Introduction to Legal Studies
09/05/2019Overview of the Addiction Field
09/05/2019Advanced Listening/Speaking
09/05/2019Advanced Reading/Writing
09/05/2019Computed Tomography (CT) Cross Training: Registry Prep And Review
09/05/2019AHA Basic Life Support Certification Course
09/06/2019Technology in the Law Office
09/06/2019Crisis Management
09/06/2019Medical Encoding
09/06/2019Physical Assessment Skills
09/07/2019EVERYDAY ENGLISH - Introduction to ESL
09/07/2019ESL Conversation
09/07/2019Counselor Wellness
09/07/2019Hospital Billing/Collection
09/09/2019Professional Responsibility and the Law
09/09/2019Real Property Law
09/09/2019Legal Studies Internship
09/09/2019Diversity of Intervention and Treatment Approaches
09/09/2019Integrated Care
09/09/2019Pharmacy Technician Program
09/09/2019Medical Terminology
09/09/2019CPT-HCPCS Coding
09/09/2019Interpretation of Laboratory Results
09/09/2019Operating Room Training Program for RN's
09/10/2019Financial Planning Process & Insurance
09/10/2019Legal Research and Writing
09/10/2019Home Inspection Module 3: Heating, Cooling & Plumbing
09/10/2019Case Management, Referral, and Service Coordination
09/10/2019Counseling and Communicating with Families and Significant Others
09/10/2019Transition to School Nursing: An Orientation
09/10/2019Health Information Management Procedures, Documentation And EMR's
09/10/2019Pharmacology For Medical Records Personnel
09/10/2019AHA Basic Life Support Certification Course
09/10/2019Introduction to Diagnostic Criteria (DSM)
09/11/2019Real Estate Salesperson's Qualifying Course
09/11/2019Administering Electrocardiograms
09/11/2019Operating Room Training Program for RN's
09/11/2019Anatomy & Physiology
09/11/2019Coding Review Course
09/12/2019Mold Is In The Air For Home Inspectors (6 CE Hours)
09/12/2019AHA Renewal for Life Support Certification Course
09/12/201924 Hour CE Home Inspection Discount Program
09/13/2019Molloy Institute for Lifelong Learning
09/13/2019Physical Assessment Skills
09/13/2019AHA Basic Life Support @ Suffolk Center
09/14/2019ICD-10 CM and ICD-10 PCS Coding
09/14/2019School Violence Prevention And Intervention Workshop
09/14/2019Phlebotomy for the MA
09/14/2019Theories of Human Development and the Relationship to Substance Use
09/14/2019Pharmacy Technician Program
09/16/2019Home Inspection Module 4: License Law, Overview of Profession & Report Writing
09/16/2019DASA Workshop: NYS Dignity for All Students
09/17/2019Molloy Institute for Lifelong Learning
09/17/2019Medical Office Procedures & Assisting Skills
09/17/2019Hemodialysis Training For RN's And LPN's
09/19/2019Home Inspection Module 1: Structure, Roofing & Exteriors
09/19/2019Training In Barrier Precaution And Infection Control Measures
09/19/2019Information Literacy Seminar for Graduate Students
09/20/2019Physical Assessment Skills
09/21/2019Catholic High School Entrance Exam Preparation
09/21/2019Catholic High School Entrance Exam Preparation
09/21/2019Catholic High School Entrance Exam Preparation
09/21/2019Medical Assistant Certification Review Course
09/21/2019Peripheral IV Skills Certificate Program
09/21/2019AHA Basic Life Support Certification Course
09/21/2019NonProfit Management Conference Board Symposium Part II
09/22/2019Catholic High School Entrance Exam Preparation
09/22/2019Catholic High School Entrance Exam Preparation
09/22/2019Professional Development
09/22/2019Phlebotomy Skills Certificate Program
09/22/2019AHA Renewal for Life Support Certification Course
09/23/2019Electrical Inspection Basics (6 CE Hours)
09/23/2019Training In The Identification & Reporting of Child Abuse & Neglect
09/24/2019Human Resource Management: An Overview